Giving back plays an important role in the foundation of what we do as a church family. Below you can find ways to volunteer in our church and in our community. 

Love God. Love People. Make Jesus Known.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Preschool ages are such special years. Imaginations run wild and curiosity fuels everything. Our goal is to help form a foundation in the lives of our preschoolers. 

    Elementary school is full of tiny personalities and memorable statements. At this stage of life we want to further engage our kids in God's story. 

    We accomplish this by giving each age group their own unique worship time filled with worship and teaching. We also provide a small group environment where they experience community with other kids their age. 

    In both age groups we have opportunities on our Check-In Team where you'll have the chance to welcome our guests and family! 

    Click HERE to sign up for one or more of these areas or email us:

  • With God working through us, we create experiences where life change happens. Whether it be with videos, audio, lighting, stage designs, sermon illustrations, or other creative elements we have countless serving opportunities with Ministries, NF Kids and events. 

    Sign up HERE or email us:

  • If you are super friendly and love making others feel welcome, then the perfect spot for you to serve would be on the First Impressions Team. This area includes these teams: Parking, Seating (Ushers), Welcome (Greeters), Cafe, Information Host, Medical and Security. If you're interested in finding a spot on this team click HERE to sign up or email us:

  • We are looking for volunteers to help with renovation projects around the church! You will also have the opportunity to serve when disaster relief is needed in our community. If you're interested in using your skills to volunteer with projects or want to help our community as needed, you can click HERE or email us:

  • We are looking for friendly, outgoing individuals who can create a welcoming atmosphere for guests. Finding a seat in a dark room can be an uncomfortable scenario, so this team assists in finding a place for everyone to sit during worship! You can sign up HERE or you can reach out directly:

  • Our NorthField Food Team is collecting and distributing food for our community. Whether you're interested in donating food, working in the pantry packing boxes or helping us deliver to those in need, we would love for you to sign up HERE or reach out directly:

    NorthField Food List


  • Here at NorthField, we believe doing life together is a huge step in continually growing in our faith in God as well our relationships among others in our community. If you are interested in hosting a group (online or in person) you can click HERE or email us:

  • To see all of our open ministry areas you can click HERE. If you don't find what your'e looking for or if you have an idea for a new ministry, you can email us: