Northfield university

Spiritual growth only happens when you relentlessly pursue it. To be spiritually healthy, and to grow in Christ, you must plan for growth. Named and patterned after the structure of a university, Northfield University offers short-courses ranging from Financial Peace and Divorce Recovery to deep, textual studies of the Bible to ensure that you will find something relevant to your life no matter where you are in your walk with Jesus.

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northfield women

Women play such important roles in the church family and in our community, and with this ministry, NF Women are working to create stronger role-models and teachers in all women. Through classes, seminars, life groups and other events, NF Women wants to help teach and grow women to become the powerful leaders they are called to be.

  • Events

    See what events and workshops that are approaching for women's ministry.

  • LIfe Groups

    Looking for a life group to get involved with? Find the one that is right for you!

  • mom strong

    Every other week, our moms meet to discuss parenting, being leaders in their household, and following Christ through it all.

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northfield men

NF Men is creating an environment for all men to be welcomed with open arms to know they are not alone wherever they may be in their life. Through events, groups and being together in the word, NF Men is a ministry dedicated to serving and becoming spiritual leaders in Christ that men have been called to be. 

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  • Men of integrity

    A weekly gathering of men to get into the Word through studies and discussion to further pursue a relationship with God.

  • Life groups

    Looking for a way to get involved outside of church services? Find the group that best fits you!

  • Serving

    NF Men is a ministry dedicated to serving others. Whether it is serving through our parking team, coffee shop, or communion, there are ways to serve every Sunday and at events.

Ministry partners

  • Hope Springs international

    NorthField Church has partnered with Hope Springs International to help bring clean water, education and medical aid to those in Chad and Nigeria, Africa.

  • Land of a thousand hills

    Every purchase at our coffee shop goes directly to funding coffee farming villages to provide living wages, education, clean water and healthcare in Rwanda.

  • CUmberland crisis pregnancy center

    The Cumberland Crisis Pregnancy Center exists to help women and children in our very own community with the unexpected hardships of pregnancy. We are able to partner with CCPC to help provide necessary items to continue their efforts.