Recovery is for everyone

Celebrate Recovery is a place where it's ok to not be ok. No matter what you've done or what was done to you… we believe that in Jesus, you can find freedom from your hurts, hang-ups, and habits. You are not alone because we are here to walk with you on this journey! Celebrate Recovery isn't just for people with chemical addictions. We have share groups of all types, including Emotional Support, Codependency, Sex and Love Addiction, Chemical Addiction, Food Issues and more! Celebrate Recovery is grounded on the Christ-centered 12-steps and the 8 principles found in the Beatitudes. Through these principles and steps we begin a life-long process of finding freedom in Jesus! 


The purpose of Celebrate Recovery is to provide a community approach to recovery that is focused on our higher power, Jesus. James 5:16 says that for us to find healing we have to share our struggles with our community and pray for each other. We are only as sick as our secrets, so we've provided a safe place for you to share your struggles with people who are invested in your recovery. 


Today is the day to begin Recovery! The first step is always the hardest, but we'll be here to take that step with you. If you need help and want to speak with someone, head to the bottom of this page to connect with us or click HERE to connect with one of our pastors for pastoral counseling!

Recovery is for EVERYONE!

What to expect

We know it can be difficult to step into a new environment, so here's a few things to know about us before you come! 

  • This is a safe place to NOT be ok. You won't find judgment here.
  • We are laid back and casual. We believe in fun and you will sense this across our ministry.
  • Come as you are! We aren't here to impress anyone or to wear a mask, but instead, you'll find people who are open about their own struggles.

Here's what our schedule looks like each Thursday night:

5:45-6:15p – Dinner in the café ($5 per person / $10 family max)

6:30-7:30p – Large Group in Auditorium

7:40-8:30p – Small Groups (gender and issue specific)

8:30-9:00p – Connect Café (coffee, desserts & fellowship) 

Open Share Groups

Both men and women have the weekly opportunity to be a part of an open share group. We want you to have a safe place to share with others who understand your struggle, so these groups are issue and gender specific. 


Newcomers 101

Stepping into a new environment can be overwhelming, so we have a group specifically designed to give you the details about who we are and what we do. This group meets in the Green Room (in the lobby) after large group. Our goal is for you to know that this is a safe place and that it’s ok to not be ok!  

connect with us

Want to talk with someone about what's going on in your life? Connect with one of our pastors for pastoral counseling by CLICKING HERE

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