Our Middle School Ministry meets on Sunday Mornings at 9:30AM in the GYM, located on the 1st floor below the Kids Elementary Wing, for Student Roundtables. 

On Sundays, students can expect an environment focused on community, discipleship, and, of course, donuts! In this mixed-medium environment, students will be at a roundtable with their peers of the same grade and gender alongside an invested adult to explore God's Word and how it applies to their lives. 

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Our Middle School Ministry meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30PM-8:00PM in The Loft, located on the 3rd floor above the Kids Elementary Wing for MDWK Live!

On Wednesdays, services begin at 6:30PM and include worship, teaching, and small groups. Check in & pick up for Wednesday nights takes place at the back of campus near the Student Building. Students can be dropped off between the gym and the NorthField Student Building starting at 6:00PM. 


Here's an overview of our upcoming series! 

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Middle school is full of question...but sometimes we are afraid to ask. 

Your heart rate starts to rise, your shoulders tense up, you just can't seem to shake the feeling of dread that comes over you...if these feelings are familiar, chances are you've experienced some type of anxiety. Now, there are helpful and unhelpful forms of anxiety and it is helpful to learn the difference and be encouraged to take steps through the difficult feelings that so many face. Anxiety may be at an all-time high but what, if anything, does God do to help us? Let's talk about that...

A 1-week series on Anxiety on February 1.


There is no shortage of opinions or ideas about what's right, what's wrong, and what's actually best when it comes to the topic of sex. But, what if there's more to it than we commonly think? What if sex is meant to be seen as good and powerful, because it's actually God's idea? In this four week series we'll discuss God's design for sex and then talk about the way technology, confession, and boundaries intersect with the idea of living with sexual integrity.

A 4-week series on God's design for sexual integrity beginning on February 8


If you knew your time on Earth was coming to an end, what would you want to say to the people in your life before you go? For Jesus, the days leading up to His death were filled with meaningful conversations with the people around Him. In this series, as we look at some of His last words, we'll discover what Jesus really wanted His followers -- both then and now -- to know. 

A 5-week Easter series beginning on March 29


Here's a few ways your student get involved at NorthField!

THE WKND 2023 - March 24-26

A spirit-filled weekend designed to connect middle and high school students to God, their community, and each other! 

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