Our High School Ministry (9th-12th grade students) meets on Wednesday nights in the NorthField Student Building from 6:30PM-8:00PM. Services begin at 6:30PM and include worship, teaching, and small groups. Below you will find an overview of our upcoming series.

The NorthField Student Building is located at the back of campus behind the auditorium. Doors open for students to arrive starting at 6:00PM. 


Here's a quick look at our upcoming series!


It can be easy to forget who God really is sometimes. And it can be even easier for your students to forget who they really are, too! But every year at Easter, we get the chance to point them back to what God did thousands of years ago to remind us not only who He really is, but who we really are because of Him. Loved, important, forgiven--Jesus' death and resurrection shows us we're all that and more to Him. In this series, we'll remind students what they can know to be true about themselves because of the gift we celebrate at Easter--Jesus' resurrection and after life! 

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Here's an overview of each week:

April 7 - Because of the resurrection, John knew God is love.

April 14 - Because of the resurrection, Mary knew she mattered. 

April 21 - Because of the resurrection, Peter knew he was forgiven. 

VIBES - A series on Emotions

Nobody has more vibes - more moods they experience or things they feel in a deep and real way - than your students. And while there's nothing wrong with feeling all the feels, the problem comes when they let these passing vibes become motivators of their moods and actions. That's why in this series, we're going to help your students deep dive into some of the feelings we all feel and the way we inspire our actions in an effort to figure out what they can do to better control their vibes instead of letting their vibes control them. 

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April 28 - Because of Jesus, emotions don't have to be the boss of you.

May 5 - Because of Jesus, anger doesn't have to be the boss of you.

May 12 - Because of Jesus, fear doesn't have to be the boss of you.

May 19 - Because of Jesus, guilt doesn't have to be the boss of you. 


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    Graduation is a major milestone for a senior and their family to walk through together. In a lot of ways, it's the last major milestone for teenagers before they venture into adulthood. That's why we created Senior Sunday -- an intentional moment where families and the church collectively recognize the huge step our seniors are about to take into a new world.

    We will be recognizing our seniors during our Sunday Services on May 16th.  We will also be honoring them at our Senior Dinner on May 16th from 5-7pm in the NorthField Student Center. Please pre-register by Friday, April 30.


    This summer, June 28-July 2, NorthField Students is traveling to Panama City Beach, FL for a camp experience unlike any other. Beach Camp is open to all students who will have completed 6th-12th grade by the summer of 2021. 


Want to pursue an authentic faith? We want to help!

Check out some of the reading plans below designed to help you grow spiritually.

  • VIBES Reading plan

    We've all got vibes - moods we experience or things we feel in deep and real ways. And while there's nothing wrong with feeling all the feels, the problem comes when we let these passing vibes become the motivators of our moods and actions. In this 28-day devotional, we're going to dive deep to figure out what we can do to better control our vibes instead of letting our vibes control us.


    Looking for an easy reading plan to help introduce you to Jesus? Here's 30 days worth of light reading that will give you a glimpse into who Jesus is, why He came to this earth, how He treated people, and what He has done for you. 


    The first four books of the New Testament make up a section of the Bible called, "The Gospels." The Gospels are four different, yet similar, perspectives that document the life of Jesus and his closest followers. This reading plan will allow you to immerse yourself into what Jesus did during His time on Earth. 

  • THE New Testament IN 30 DAYS

    The New Testament tells the story of Jesus, his closest followers, and also documents the start of what we call the church. In this reading plan you can see for yourself how Jesus awakened a movement in the world that we are still a part of today. 

  • BIBLE PROJECT: Read the Bible in one year plan

    This plan takes you through the entire Bible in one year. You'll read two or three chapters a day and sometimes skim through larger portions that contain genealogies and census information. Each day's reading includes a Psalm upon which you can meditate and pray. By the end of the reading plan, you'll have prayed through the book of Psalms two and a half times. Every time you begin reading a new book of the Bible, you'll be directed to a short animated video on the Bible Project website. Theses videos will outline the book's design and overall message to put your reading in context. In addition to these overview videos, you'll find helpful theme videos that explore several topics covered in the reading plan. To download the plan, click here: One_Year_Reading_Plan.pdf


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