Update - May 14th

We miss each of you and look forward to the day we can safely be together again, in-person. The million-dollar question in everyone's mind right now is this: When will we return to in-person gatherings? To be honest, the answer to that question is still somewhat unknown. That's not indecisive but rather because this is a very fluid situation. Our NorthField family is one of the larger and more diverse gatherings in our county.


Our state and national leaders are developing guidelines to reopen our country. As we seek to be God's family to this community, we want our plans to be in compliance with government guidelines. As we formulate our next steps, our greatest concern is to balance both serving and protecting our entire community, giving special emphasis to the most vulnerable people in our church family and the surrounding area.


To help us achieve that, we would like to get your input, ideas and suggestions as we develop a plan to return to in-person gatherings. We have created a survey to express your thoughts and concerns and can't express how important it is to hear from you. Some of the questions may be difficult to answer, and you may not be certain about where you stand. That's okay. This is all new to each of us, and we will work through this together as any family would. Just be as honest and complete as you can at this moment with your answers.


(As we are able to return to in-person gatherings we will most likely return in phases. Phase 1 will be our 9 and 10:30am worship services only. This will be a family worship experience with no children or student classes.)


You can access the survey by clicking this link:



Our greatest desires are to lead this family faithfully in worship each week, keep you connected to us and each other, find needs in our family and community and meet them and most importantly, continue to love God, love people and make Jesus known. Please let us know how we can serve you, help you or be of assistance to you during this season. You can put that on your digital connection card each week or send us an email at info@northfieldchurch.net.

COVID-19 update from pastor tom


Dear NorthField Family,

As you are most likely aware, we are facing a situation very few of us have faced before. Because of increasing concern over the global spread of Covid-19 virus, NorthField Church has decided to move Sunday worship to online only until further notice.


Please know this decision is made with prayer and faith in our mighty God as well as concern for the community that we are trying to reach with His love.


While this virus impacts our world in a very significant way, we have faith that crises also bring opportunities to shine God’s love to our neighbors. In Paul’s letter to the Christians living in the city of Philippi, he encouraged them to “live as beacons of light in a dark world.” Because of this, outreach like Room in the Inn and relief efforts to families impacted by the recent tornadoes will continue as usual.


The love we show our community during this period will quite possibly be the best testimony we have that Jesus cares about them and is really alive and living in each of us. Our gatherings, while I love them, are not our greatest testimony to this world; our individual lives are.


As we determine NorthField’s best response to the Covid-19 virus, a key reason to close during this period is out of great respect for community hospitals, health care workers and first responders. Imagine the chaos they could face should we unintentionally spread this disease.


Another consideration is the health of our oldest and youngest members as well as guests and members with underlying health conditions. While in Scripture, there are many references to living fearless in this world, there are at least as many that refer to making wise choices.


The GOOD news is that we can still gather via the wonders of technology. While not the “hands-on” experience we are used to, we believe God will use this mode of gathering and that you will feel His presence as your family participates online.


We will broadcast at 9 and 10:30 a.m. and then upload the entire service to our NorthField website and app so that it can be seen later as well.


You can join the services two ways:

  • Open the NorthField app and click the “LIVE” button on the home page of your mobile device OR:
  • Visit our NorthField website at northfieldchurch.net/live


More good news: In addition to an online worship experience, you can fill out a digital connection card letting us know of prayer requests and even be generous in giving. All of these links are available on both the NorthField app and website.


On the NorthField app, these buttons are located on the home page.

  • To watch, click the “LIVE” button
  • To submit your Connection Card and Prayer Requests, click the “CONNECTION CARD” button
  • To give, click the “GIVE” button

On the website, If you scroll down on this screen you will see links to:

  • To watch live, click the “LIVE” button at the top of the page.
  • If you scroll down on this "LIVE" page, you will see links to an online Connection Card (where you can submit prayer requests or take your next step in the NorthField family)
  • To give, click the "GIVE" button at the top of the page

Please check-in on Facebook and/or Instagram as well. That way you’re still providing shoes and doing good around the world.


While we won’t be together physically, we believe our services have the potential to be life-changing. Please join us by praying:


“Lord, we pray for your healing during this time. We pray for those who have been impacted by the recent tornadoes in our area as well as this virus. We pray for those in our city and community who are experiencing anxiety or fear. We ask for your protection and a revival of your people in the powerful name of Jesus. May your kingdom come on this earth and may your will be done!”


Pastor Tom for the entire NorthField team


I am thinking of you and will see you Sunday, on-line, at 9 and/or 10:30a.m.


Do you have a prayer request or a specific need that we can assist in helping you with? Please let us know by filling out this form HERE.

We know that being stuck inside can cause boredom in your kids to go through the roof. We have created a resource page to give whatever age your child is a time to focus on Jesus and learn something new about Him! 

CLICK HERE to go to our resources page.

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