message discussion questions

Each week, we'll share some reflection questions to help you dive deeper into this week's message. Use these as discussion with your family, roommates, small group, or use them as journal prompts!

We've also put together a simple guide for life groups who want to discuss the message as their group study time each week. Click below to download the guide!


Message Discussion Questions

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  • Scripture: Luke 12:16-20


    1. Can you think of a situation in which you should have taken action promptly, rather than assuming tomorrow would be available?


    2. How does the assumption of tomorrow being promised impact our daily life?


    3. How can we balance our need for planning with the understanding that tomorrow is not guaranteed?


    4. How can we develop the mindset of trusting God more with our future?


    5. What are some practical ways we can improve our decision-making to avoid procrastination and address issues promptly?

  • Scripture: 2 Timothy 6:18-19


    1. Why do you think sacrificial giving is more significant than the amount we give?


    2. Why do you think it's important to recognize all blessings and possessions come from God?


    3. How does the parable of the talents in Matthew 25 demonstrate our role as managers of God's resources?


    4. How can we store up treasures in heaven according to 2 Timothy 6:18-19?


    5. Knowing that you have been rescued by God's grace, what steps can you take to practice generosity in your daily life?

  • Scripture: Mark 12:41-44

    1. We're in a series about giving generously to invest in God's Kingdom. But we often feel stretched. In what ways do you feel stretched? Do you have a specific example of being financially or time wise or with energy?

    2. If you had triple the money, time and energy than you have now, what of God's causes would you love to invest more in? 

    3. Why is it important to prioritize Kingdom giving over personal desires?

    4. Why do you think Jesus talked about money and possessions more than any other topic?

    5. What does the story of the widow's mite in Mark 12 teach us about sacrificial giving?

    6. How can you practice generosity this week toward others and the Kingdom of God?

  • Scripture: Luke 12:13-21


    1. What was your experience with money growing up? Struggle and hardship? Abundance and generosity? Share how your family viewed money and how that experience shaped your own financial outlook.


    2. What areas of your life might be affected by your attitudes towards money, and how can you make sure those attitudes align with Jesus' teachings?


    3. Why does Pastor Tom encourage the mindset of giving first, saving second, and then living on the rest?


    4. Read Luke 12:13-21. What can we learn from the story of the rich man, and how can we avoid making the same mistakes?


    5. How can you challenge the 'it's all about me' mindset when it comes to your finances and possessions?


    6. What personal commitments can you make this week to ensure that you are prioritizing God in your financial decisions?