Returning To Service

After discussion with our staff and board, we have landed on the target date of July 5th to return to regular, in-person service. As we prepare to return, there will be a few differences in what service will look like. 

We are taking safety precautions very seriously to ensure all who come to worship are safe and in a clean environment. Due to social distancing regulations, we will be creating more space between seating in our auditorium to follow these guidelines. This will put a smaller limit on seating, which has led us to set a time for a third service. Our service times have changed to 8, 9:30, and 11 AM. These times will be our new normal until further notice.

Along with new times and new regulations, we will not return with Kid's classes until fall. With safety being our biggest concern, we believe waiting until social regulations have been lifted before Kid's Ministry returns on Sundays.