Life Groups

Here at NorthField, we believe doing life together is a huge step in continually growing in not just our personal faith in God, but also our relationships among others in our community. We are excited to have Life Groups return with a big step forward and bright future! No matter your walk of life, past choices, current circumstance or unsureness of what to do in life, we want to provide a Life Group for you!

Finding your group

CLICK HERE to find a group that best fits you!

Our Life Groups are here not just for gathering to discuss the Word or follow up a lesson from the previous week. Our Life Groups are to offer encouragement, fellowship, relationships, and to help build trust and confidence in your faith in the One who created all of us! We can help get you involved in study groups, support groups, and even activity based groups.

Whatever your need may be, we want to help you find a Life Group you can grow and become a part of. Whether you are new to Life Groups, a regular attender, or just curious of what this is all about, stop by the "I'm In" station located next to the green room following either services. We would love to get you involved and to do life together with you!