NorthField Students is currently gathering online in various formats throughout the week. 

On the schedule above, you will see the various ways your student can remain connected to

our church and to each other while we are meeting digitally.


If you have any questions about how to participate, please reach out to trent@northfieldchurch.net

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CURRENT online Series

We all handle difficult and painful situations differently. . . but often we look for some type of relief. Maybe it's a Netflix binge, or gaming, or spacing out while listening to Spotify. Whatever it is, we all have a favorite distraction--something to get lost in. Something that helps us escape reality. But the trouble is, these good and fun distractions sometimes lead to hurting others, hurting ourselves, or damaging our relationship with God. In this series, we'll look at how to deal with difficult situations in our lives. As we do, we just might find that God's inviting us to stop avoiding and escaping hard times, and instead, face our troubles head-on. What we'll find is that through our struggles, God builds our character, provides us with comfort, and calls us to share that comfort with others. 

April 1 - When life is hard, God is with you.

April 8 - When life is hard, God says you can face it.

April 15 - When life is hard, God says to comfort others. 

Join us Wednesday Nights at 7:00PM on Zoom


During this season it's easy to get caught up on all of the latest shows that everyone is raving about on Netflix. But what if you decided in this season that you wanted to #BingeBetter to help instill habits that could last a lifetime? Here's a few resources to help you learn and grow spiritually:

  • MEET JESUS in 30 days

    Looking for an easy reading plan to help introduce you to Jesus? Here's 30 days worth of light reading that will give you a glimpse into who Jesus is, why He came to this earth, how He treated people, and what He has done for you. 

  • The gospels in 30 days

    The first four books of the New Testament make up a section of the Bible called, "The Gospels." The Gospels are four different, yet similar, perspectives that document the life of Jesus and his closest followers. This reading plan will allow you to immerse yourself into what Jesus did during His time on Earth. 

  • The new testament in 30 days

    The New Testament tells the story of Jesus, his closest followers, and also documents the start of what we call the church. In this reading plan you can see for yourself how Jesus awakened a movement in the world that we are still a part of today. 


It's easy to see faith as just a list of dos and don'ts we have to keep in order to make God happy. But what if this view of faith is missing the mark? In this series, as we take a look at the book of Galatians, we'll discover that Jesus didn't come to keep us captive to a list of rules. In fact, just the opposite is true! Because of Jesus, we get to live as free people. 

April 22 - Jesus wants us to be free people.

April 29 - Free people live for Him, not them.

May 6 - Free people know their now affects their later

May 13 - Free people put others first

May 20 - Free people stay close to the Source of their freedom

Parents, want to continue the conversation at home? Check out this series' Parent Cue(a meaningful resource to help you reinforce what we are teaching!)


We know that parenting teenagers is tough. That's why we want to partner with you on this journey. We want to stay connected so we can equip you to be the primary leader of discipleship in your home. Below you will find a link to NorthField Students on Facebook and our latest newsletter. 

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    Looking to connect with other families and parents at NorthField Church? We have set up a closed parent group that will allow for communication between our student ministry and parents of students. On the page you will see updates directly from our ministry, service opportunities for your students, and you can connect with other parents from NorthField. To access the group click here.


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