Northfield University

Spiritual growth only happens when you relentlessly pursue it. To be spiritually healthy, and to grow in Christ, you must plan for growth. This is why NorthField University was created.  Named and patterned after the structure of a university, Northfield University offers short-courses ranging from Financial Peace and Divorce Recovery to deep, textual studies of the Bible to ensure that you will find something relevant to your life no matter where you are in your walk with Jesus. 

Along with Life Groups and Sunday worship, Northfeild University is a vital component to your continued growth in Jesus. It will help equip you to truly love God, love people, and make Jesus known.


Northfield University Course Descriptions



    Wake up wondering how you're going to make it another day as a parent, guide, mentor, friend, and parent to your child? You are not alone! We offer courses to help equip you as a parent to know how to guide your child in practical, godly ways. Each semester one or more courses will be offered in the parenting track because it takes a village to raise a child! Through these courses, we help each other grow into the best parents that we can be for our children and for God!

  • Textual Track

    You've often heard the question: what would Jesus do? To better answer that question, it helps to first ask "what DID Jesus do?" The textual track offers courses designed to get you into a deep study and appreciation of the Bible. One or more textual courses will be offered each semester to help you know your Bible better, because knowing the Bible will help you better understand what God desires for your life! 

  • Discipleship Track

    The discipleship track will offer courses ranging from in-depth topical studies to

    in-depth studies of spiritual disciplines. Each semester you will have the option of one or more courses that are designed to help you take your walk to the next level! In this track you will have the opportunity to take courses about the church, your unique design, and how God could use you to spread his gospel! If you want to walk closer with God than you ever have before, take a look at the courses offered each semester in the discipleship track.


    Our culture can be tough on marriages. But who says marriage has to be tough? it can be fun! Each semester one or more courses will be offered in the marriage track that will help you make your marriage a priority and help it thrive according to God's design. Want to make the relationship with your spouse the number one most enjoyable relationship in your life? The make God the center of that relationship! We will show you how each semester as we look at marriage from multiple angles. 

  • LIFE needs track

    It isn't always easy to know exactly how God would want you to use your finances or what a godly life looks like during a divorce. The life needs track offers one or multiple courses each semester; courses like Financial Peace University that will help you address immediate or daily areas of need in your life with practical Godly teaching.