PURPOSE: We exist to help middle and high school students follow Jesus and become the best possible version of themselves by helping them develop a heart for worship, service, and community. 

WE MEET: Every Wednesday 5:15-7:30. During our time together we eat, play games, worship, pray, teach and have small groups. All of our gatherings take place in the Student Ministry Building on the backside of the campus. 

Want to know what a typical Wednesday Night looks like? Check out the video below:


This March we are continuing our 4 part MEGA series called 'The Thread' that will last the entire spring semester. In this series your student will be diving into God's Word and learning the overall story of Scripture. However, this series is going to be much more than just what we do on Wednesday night. 


In addition to their small group time, each student will also receive a weekly scripture reading guide that will give them the opportunity to stay in the word every day to follow along with what we will be teaching. Spiritual Discipline is one of the major points of emphasis in our student ministry so we want to give your student the opportunity to intentionally be in the Word. Our student ministry meets every Wednesday from 6:00-7:30. (Doors open at 5:15 for hangout and dinner)


We know that parenting is tough, especially when it comes to parenting teenagers. That's why we've compiled a list of parenting resources. These resources won't magically fix every problem, but it will prepare you to have better conversations and better connections with your teen. Whether you are a blog lover or more of a podcast person be sure to check out these resources. 

  • Monthly Newsletter

    For the most up-to-date information and to see what is coming at NorthField check out our monthly newsletter. Each newsletter features an encouraging article for parents, important dates, and information about upcoming events. You can access the newsletter by clicking here

  • parent's facebook group

    Looking to connect with other families and parents at NorthField Church? We have set up a closed parent group that will allow for communication between our student ministry and parents of students. On the page you will see updates directly from our ministry, service opportunities for your students, and you can connect with other parents from NorthField. To access the group click here.

  • Parent cue blog

    There are a wealth of articles written on each phase of a child's life. The Parent Cue Blog simplified it for you and stored them all in one place. From the preschool phase to the high school phase, the parent cue blog will allow you to read articles from culture experts on how to engage your kids. Check it out here.

  • Parent Cue Podcast

    Not much of a blog person? Totally understand! Parent Cue made it easy for you to stay connected on how to engage your student with your on-the-go lifestyle. There are tons of podcast episodes for you to listen to with guests like Jon Acuff, Jim Burns, Kristen Ivy, Reggie Joiner & more. You can access the Parent Cue Podcast here.