Northfield University

Spiritual growth only happens when you relentlessly pursue it. To be spiritually healthy, and to grow in Christ, you must plan for growth. This is why NorthField University was created.  Named and patterned after the structure of a university, Northfield University offers short-courses ranging from Financial Peace and Divorce Recovery to deep, textual studies of the Bible to ensure that you will find something relevant to your life no matter where you are in your walk with Jesus. 

Along with Life Groups and Sunday worship, Northfield University is a vital component to your continued growth in Jesus. It will help equip you to truly love God, love people, and make Jesus known.


Northfield University Course Descriptions

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  • Parenting with Purpose - 6 weeks (begins Jan. 20)

    TAUGHT BY Brad Schreiner (SUNDAY AT 10:30AM - ROOM 305)

    Parenting without purpose is just babysitting. This class is focused on parents of all ages coming together to become equipped to mentor the next generation. Don't just parent. Parent with purpose. 

  • financial peace - 9 weeks (begins jan. 23)

    CO-TAUGHT BY Conner and mysteree bush (wednesday AT 6:00pm - ROOM 304)

    How would your life change if you didn't worry about money all the time? Would you be less-stressed? Would your relationships be better? Would you be happier than you are now? Join Connect and Mysteree as they help you take control of your finances and experience a freedom that you didn't know was possible!

  • genesis Precept study for women - part 2 - 9 weeks (begins Jan. 23)

    tAUGHT BY Lisa Jacoby (Wednesday 9:30-11:00AM - Room 302)

    This precept study is for this who want to dive into the word of God and really study. The deeper you study, the more alive the Bible becomes, bringing richer and more relevant lessons for your life. Ladies, come join Lisa Jacoby as you dive into Genesis in a way that promises to change your understanding of who you are and what's God's purpose for your life is!

  • The Path to Spiritual Growth - 8 weeks (Begins Jan. 20)

    TAUGHT BY Kyle gilliland (sunday 9:00-10:00AM - ROOM 302)

    Want to completely change the way you know God? Want to have a deeper faith than ever before? This 8-week course is based on the spiritual classic Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. 

  • Address the mess - 4 weeks (begins Jan. 20)

    TAUGHT BY Kristy Wright (SUNDAY 10:30-11:30AM - ROOM 303)

    Did you know that your messes and the messy people in your life just might be your greatest opportunity to know God? Join Kristy to find out how your mess can bring you closer to God than you've ever been. This class is for ladies only. 

  • Staying in Love - 4 weeks (begins Jan. 20)

    taught by Jeff and lauren hulsey (sunday 9:00am - room 303)

    Falling in love is easy, but staying in love requires a plan. This 4-week study will help you develop a plan so that you can enjoy a lifetime together. 

  • living your best life - 8 weeks

    (Begins Jan. 20)

    taught by ed matlock (sunday 10:30AM - Room 306)

    Learn how to make every day a great day in this 8-week course designed to help you live your very best life. 

  • Men's Group study - 6 weeks (begins jan. 16)

    taught by Gary Moore (Wednesdays 6:30PM)

    Do you have a Giant you've been facing? Something that you aren't sure how to handle as a man? This 6-week study is designed to equip you to not only face those giants but to defeat them.

  • Genesis: Created for a purpose - part 2 (begins Jan. 20)

    co-taught by jimmy sites and dan cooke  (sunday at 10:30am - room 301)

    The key to understanding God purpose for your life is found in the story of where all life began. This class, co-taught by Jimmy and Dan, will take you through the story of Genesis and will look not only at God's purpose for your life, but also how God can use ANYONE to accomplish His desires for the world.