Spiritual growth only happens when you relentlessly pursue it. With your finances, you have to be intentional and plan for success. Likewise, careers don’t just take place. You plan for them. Spiritual health is very much the same. It doesn’t just happen. To be spiritually healthy, and to grow in Christ, you must plan for growth. This is where Northfield University comes in.  Named and patterned after the structure of a university, Northfield University offers short-courses ranging from Financial Peace and Divorce Recovery to deep, textual studies of the Bible to ensure that you will find something relevant to your life no matter where you are in your walk with Jesus. 

Along with Life Groups and Sunday worship, Northfield University is a vital component to your continued growth in Jesus. It will help equip you to truly love God, love people, and make Jesus known.

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Registration for fall classes at Northfield University is now open! look below for course descriptions and then click the link to the left to register!

Northfield University Course Descriptions

Below are course descriptions for Northfield University classes that begin the week of September 9! Register by clicking on the "Register Online" link above!

  • Genesis: Created for a purpose

    co-taught by jimmy sites and dan cooke (sundays at 10:30am - room 301)

    The key to understanding God purpose for your life is found in the story of where all life began. This class, co-taught by Jimmy and Dan, will take you through the story of Genesis and will look not only at God's purpose for your life, but also how God can use ANYONE to accomplish His desires for the world. 

  • financial peace university

    co-taught by Conner and mysteree bush (sundays at  10:30am - room 304)

    Ever feel like life would be easier if you only had a little more money? Have you ever felt the stress and overwhelming burden of debt? Don't fear! This class changed the lives of the couple teaching it, and it will change your life as well! 

  • lord, heal my hurts

    alexa follas, christian counselor (wednesdays at 6:30pm - room 302)

    Christian Counselor, Alexa Follas, MA, takes us through the book "Lord, Heal My Hurts," by Kay Arthur. This group is for people who want to see freedom in their lives from past hurts, or want to learn ways to help someone who has! This will be an interactive study where we will dive into God's word, study scriptures, pray together, connect, and learn ways to improve our relationships, how to heal from past hurts, and most of all how to go to God the ultimate healer! 

  • walking through the Old Testament: an introduction to the Bible

    Trish Szymanski (Sundays at 9:00am - 302)

    Many of us can feel overwhelmed or even confused when trying to read the Old Testament. We hear or know many of the "stories" but we do not know how they are all connected. This course will chronologically walk you through Creation, Exodus, Conquest, Kingdoms and their Prophets, Exile, and the Journey back to Jerusalem.  This course will provide visual maps, timelines, charts and handouts to help you understand the Old Testament from God's perspective. 

  • Genesis: a precept study for women

    Lisa jacoby (Wednesdays at 9:30Am - 304)

    Hungry for a deep study? Dive into the Word of God with Lisa Jacoby as she investigates the truth found in Genesis. This class is for women only and is a morning class for those who struggle to find time in the evenings! 

  • gospel of mark: windows into the heart of jesus

    Van gilbert (sundays AT 10:30AM-11:30 - 306)

    Mark was the first person to ever write down the story of Jesus.  Come and invest 6 weeks looking at 6 different texts in Mark’s gospel.  6 windows into the heart of Jesus.  A half a dozen texts that, if we get our hearts around, could change everything.


    BRAD SCHREINER (SUNDAYS AT 10:30AM-11:30 - 302)

    Parenting can be hard work.

    This class is a discussion-based class where moms and dads can utilize other parents as resources for problems, suggestions, strategies, and examples as they raise their kids. 

    It is facilitated by Brad Schreiner, and includes parenting tips by Dr. Scott Turansky from the National Center for Biblical Parenting.